People of Substance with Jim Hussey

Conversation with Jim Hussey

This week on People of Substance by LemonSkies a great, great conversation with Jim Hussey I first met Jim fifteen+ years ago at Chapman Cubine Allen + Hussey. We will reflect on what helps create a culture of longevity. CCAH has quite a track record retaining talent, it’s very impressive in a field known for high turnover – the average tenure on the job for a development staff is 18 months. 

Of course we’ll discuss fundraising and nonprofit trends. And a lot of the conversation centers around creativity – writing and arts, something Jim and I share in common. You’ll want to hear all about Jim’s brand new documentary about one of my favorite artists, Roy Lichtenstein!

People of Substance by LemonSkies are a series of conversations that introduce you to people working within the nonprofit sector. While we touch on trends and best practices, this is first and foremost about getting to know interesting individuals in our space.

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