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Oh, there are so many ways! LemonSkies has broad-ranging experience across many nonprofits to help your team shine brighter.



  • strategy audits
  • digital & Facebook
  • omni-channel integration
  • end of year planning


  • audience & segmentation
  • journeys mapping
  • digital media management


  • messaging framework
  • creative concepting
  • editorial planning

Chapters & Affiliates

  • collaborative engagement
  • best practices sharing
  • on site trainings


  • executive branding
  • staff coaching & development
  • cross-team facilitation
Olga Moshinsky Woltman

About Olga Moshinsky Woltman

Before launching LemonSkies I've had the great fortune to work with incredible causes. If we work together, you can expect unconventional thinking, many creative ideas and strategies that are right for your cause. I am a problem solver and do not give up easily (Proof: a couple successful eCRM migrations and a 26.2 magnet on my bumper!). I look forward to getting to know you and your mission!

Causes I've Worked With

Nice Things People Are Saying

"Olga and I worked side by side in building and executing an integrated, multi-channel donor program. She managed (juggled!) all facets of the online channel -- strategy, creative, and analysis -- and led our migration to a new eCRM. Even with all that to her credit, perhaps what I most appreciated about Olga was her success in breaking down some of the internal silo walls, creating stronger collaboration among the various "owners" of our organization's online experience." Shannon McCracken, The Nonprofit Alliance
"As the account lead Olga was client focused leading her staff to provide marketing strategy, program evaluation, and marketing content that furthered our program goals. I greatly valued her creativity and ingenuity. When we said no, we've always done it this way she pushed us to think "why not" and to try something new. And she could always come up with cost effective ideas to cater to a non-profit budget. Olga is such a strategic thinker and can help find efficiencies and improve processes to get to a better work product. Finally, I always appreciated Olga's dedication to building team and keeping the work fun. You will love working with her!" Clarissa Garcia, American Heart Association
"I have worked with Olga for 15+ years. She is an expert in direct response marketing and is often one of my "wise council" go-to's when I'm tackling a new topic or program and just need guidance. She's a no-nonsense manager and is great at building teams while getting it all done. I always look forward to another opportunity to work with Olga." Peter Genuardi, Concord Direct
"Olga literally changed the way Special Olympics engaged and solicited funds via the digital medium. She put new protocols and systems in place, initiated a true digital cadence of communication, and raised LOTS OF MONEY for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. She's creative, smart, collaborative, laser-focused and tenacious--the perfect qualities for any development team member." Connie Grandmason, Special Olympics
"Bottom lineā€¦Olga gets it done and delivers. She's responsive, accommodating and goal focused. Olga brings a distinctive vitality and fervor to every project. At American Diabetes Association, she entered her role with an understanding of what needed doing and brought her skills to steadily deliver above and beyond expectations, from in-sourcing our digital fundraising to increasing our gross income online. She has always impressed me with her passion and ambition to expand the visibility of the organization she works for and the project she manages." Joe Mosinski
"I worked closely with Olga for seven years at the global headquarters of Special Olympics. In a word, Olga is impressive. She studied the competition in a critically constructive way, drawing out insights and ideas that could be applied to our efforts. She minded the big picture, strategically, while keeping an acute eye on the details of tactics. We disagreed about approach on occasion; but the disagreements fueled constructive, professional dialog that remained focused on the goal of what was best for the organization. She was a pleasure to work with, a true collaborator." Will Schermerhorn, Atom Stream
"I had the pleasure of working with Olga for 3 years at the American Diabetes Association. Throughout our time working together, I was able to witness firsthand her ability to not only consistently envision, develop and see through successful campaigns for the betterment of the organization, but transform an entire online fundraising program. Olga is extremely strategic, and always striving to not just solve the problem for this month or quarter, but set a program up for great successes in the long term. Not satisfied with the complacency of what is working right now, Olga makes a point to always be up to speed on the latest trends and technologies in the industry, and apply them to the benefit of whatever project she is managing. I learned so much from working alongside Olga. I sincerely look forward to the opportunity to work with her again in the near future." Chris Rote, The Nature Conservancy