People of Substance with Rachael Ortiz-Marsh

Co-Founder of Tennessee Trojans

Hut! On this People of Substance by LemonSkies I chat with Rachael Ortiz-Marsh. We will talk about football – Rachael along with Tessa Ortiz-Marsh is a co-owner/co-founder of Tennessee Trojans, a women’s tackle football team in Women’s National Football Conference, no big deal (it’s a big deal). I had a chance to work with Rachael and Tessa to help develop Tennessee Trojans message and shape their story.

We talk about football and life, delving into Rachael’s own story, growing up in a small town in Western Texas, raised by her grandmother, learning Spanish before she spoke English, and overcoming incredible odds to get to where she is today. She is always so open and candid talking about poverty and hardships and how she found acceptance and strength through school and through sports. Quick reminder – if you live in #Tennessee consider trying out for Tennessee Trojans on Oct 1.

People of Substance by LemonSkies are a series of conversations that introduce you to people working within the nonprofit sector. While we touch on trends and best practices, this is first and foremost about getting to know interesting individuals in our space.

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