People of Substance with Christy Weir

BIG conversation on People of Substance by LemonSkies. Christy Weir and I discuss inclusivity and authenticity. Of course, you’ll have a chance to get to know Christy and she is pretty great!

After working for years at PR firms, Christy made her transition to the nonprofit sector. Christy and I met when we worked at Special Olympics (she still works there)

We talk about finding meaning in the work you do and why it is so fulfilling. We’ll also talk about what inclusivity and authenticity really mean. These terms are thrown around quite a bit but the words do not always live up to actions.

People of Substance by LemonSkies are a series of conversations that introduce you to people working within the nonprofit sector. While we touch on trends and best practices, this is first and foremost about getting to know interesting individuals in our space.

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